Selling RSPCA Assured

Selling RSPCA Assured

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If you or your customer wants to sell a product as RSPCA Assured to another business you must be an RSPCA Assured member, regardless of whether the product is labelled or not.

Every RSPCA Assured member is audited. This means we can ensure full traceability throughout the supply chain - protecting you, your supplier, your customer and ourselves.

Sourcing RSPCA Assured

If you want to market and sell a product or ingredient as RSPCA Assured you must source

Check your supplier is a member

    • Ask to see a certificate and be sure it’s valid by checking the date
    • If you’re in any doubt, you can contact us with their eight digit membership number or the first line of their address and postcode and check their membership status

that product or ingredient from a supplier who is a member of RSPCA Assured.

You must check that the transporter and abattoir used are also RSPCA Assured members - not just the farm. If these key parts of the supply chain are not members of the scheme then the product can’t be sold as RSPCA Assured.