Customer demand

Customer demand

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Animal welfare is the most important ethical factor influencing people’s choices when buying food.

Freedom Food allows its members to take advantage of the growing market for ethical food

Seventy-four per cent of consumers say that meat coming from animals which are looked after well is among the top issues that make a food company ethical, followed by a company that guarantees the ingredients used in its products are responsibly sourced.

"We share the concerns of many people that some operations have poor animal welfare standards.
"Animal welfare is important, principally for the animal, but better management and care for livestock can improve productivity and food quality.
"By 2020, all our meat, poultry, eggs, game and dairy products will be sourced from suppliers who adhere to independent higher welfare standards."

Judith Batchelar, director of Sainsbury's Brand


Mary Dunn, communications director at Aldi UK said: “Animal welfare is hugely important to our customers and to Aldi as a business so we are proud to be the second largest retailer of RSPCA Assured products in the UK.

“Our entire range of Specially Selected fresh British pork products and free range chicken are RSPCA Assured.

“The RSPCA Assured logo is clear and recognisable to our customers, helping them to make informed choices about the products they buy.”