RSPCA Assured annual review 2016

RSPCA Assured annual review 2016

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RSPCA Assured has published its annual review for 2016.

It was another landmark year for RSPCA Assured. 

The increase in awareness and support for the new RSPCA Assured ethical label - which makes it easy for shoppers and diners to recognise products that had a good life - exceeded our expectations.

Availability of RSPCA Assured products has also continued to grow in both retail and foodservice.

“Increased support for the new RSPCA Assured label is translating into greater numbers of producers and animals benefiting from the scheme - which at the end of the day is what it’s all about!

Chief executive Clive Brazier


Other achievements included:

  • More than 270 million animals (including salmon and trout) were reared to RSPCA welfare standards under the RSPCA Assured scheme
  • RSPCA Assured achieved more than 64% of farmed Scottish salmon production, more than 55% of UK egg production and nearly a quarter of UK pig production (24.8%)
  • 2,391 different RSPCA Assured labelled product lines were available in supermarkets, shops and independents
  • One in three people (33%) recognised the RSPCA Assured brand - an increase of 120% from 15% when the label first launched in May 2015.

You can read more about RSPCA Assured's achievements in 2016 in the full report.